The Mission

To solve the waste handling management and recover the energy and mass from the waste treatments are our purposes.

The entire economic literature affirms that technological researches and innovations are among the main drivers of the economic development and also sustain that the ability to take advantages from new technologies is essential to ensure new perspectives for lifestyle and prosperity improvement to the citizens.

These general expectations should also be valid into the field of waste treatment.

The perception of separate collection has been intimately associated with the concept of recovery and reuse of materials and production of energy, but this was thought more than forty years ago. At that time, the only way to do the refuse separate collection was to put it upstream of the integrated cycle. In fact, until now there was no technology that would allow to move the differentiation downstream of the waste collection.
Today this technology exists and presents undoubted advantages both economic than environmental.

A new integrated waste cycle updated with the new technologies we are introducing, represents an extraordinary alternative to incineration and landfilling of "as it is" waste. It doesn’t produce emission of exhausts, liquids, residues or anything else in the environment and transforms the plants from a cost complex into a center of profits.

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