BESTRDADE D.F. Ltd headquartered in London (U.K.) and operationally based in Monaco Principality is an internationally known Company that deals with the most advanced and revolutionary mixed waste (MSW) treatment and recycling solutions, including the organic fraction coming by a preventative separate refuse collection (OFMSW).

BESTRADE is offering to the market the turnkey plant named AUTOCLAVE & P2P (plastic to petrol) with the following objectives:

- Total respect of the environment.
In the BESTRADE plant there isn’t any waste combustion and the only emissions produced are those relating at the exhaust gases coming from the cogenerator engines which convert into Electrical and Thermal energy the biogas obtained (roughly 70% methane) plus those emission deriving by the Syngas combustion (LPG) used for the plastic treatment and both are continuously monitored.

- Waste’s Energy valorization.
The BESTRADE plant is able to recover, with yields until now unimaginable, the energy that is in the waste, obtaining from the organic-fractions biogas and from the plastic fuel oil.

These important results have been achieved thanks to the use of AUTOCLAVE and P2P treatment. This is in addition to traditional installations like the separation plant, anaerobic digestion, cogeneration, bio-filter and water treatment for the reuse of the same, which together allow all this.

Today we can affirm the Urban Solid Wastes (MSW) with BESTRADE PLANTS are no longer a problem, but a resource.

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